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Meeting all stringent functional (e.g. software, hardware, IoT) and non-functional (e.g. security, latency, bandwidth) requirements Cloud-IoT applications, requires to suitably place their services onto target Cloud-IoT nodes. Very few existing approaches solving this problem focussed on the data-aware placement of Cloud-IoT application services, i.e. on modelling the characteristics of the data to be processed and on placing services suitably close to their data. We propose a declarative solution that accounts for those aspects so as to determine service placements and SDN data routings that meet all application requirements. Such a solution employs continuous reasoning to speed-up placement and routing decisions at runtime. An open-source Prolog prototype of the solution is assessed over a scenario based on lifelike data.

Jacopo Massa
Jacopo Massa
PhD Student

PhD student @ University of Pisa and CNR-ISTI